Best Collaboration Websites for Indie Games

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Game development is more than a one man show. Team work and collaborations add a fresh perspective. You can expect something good to come out of any gamedev team. Most indie game developers refrain from diving into collaborations because finding a like-minded team is tricky. There are more ways this game of seeking can go wrong than it hitting the right chord.

To help in this journey of discovering like-minds are the following online collaborative websites:

  • Nerdeo: This online community for indie gamer developers and film makers is a one stop website for all your needs. Once you’ve completed the process of registration, you can find roles or list out projects. If you’re into a global appeal, you can collaborate with developers from other nationality. When you work on projects from this community, safe and on-time payments are ensured. The best part- you can create a project with no financial backup.
  • Develteam: The community is exclusive for game developers. The design of the home page is what you can expect from a forum. There are new requirements posted every hour where developers seek collaborators or specific artists. Gamedev’s also post the tester version of the games for feedback. In short, this is a great site to find projects or post requirements.
  • Indieteamup: This community connects indie devs to…indie devs. Through this community you can discover, collaborate and connect with other developers. They have an exclusive tie up with GameDevLife, a community for novice gamedev’s. This platform enables sharing of resources and ideas between participants from different cultures and levels of expertise.
    2Image credits – Pixabay
  • Umoga: Umoga is a skill-funded social platform exclusive for indie gamedevs. The platform provides a chance to socialize with other developers, submit a requirement ad for a new project, search for collaborators with the required skills, sell the game assets and shop for user created assets for a small percentage of fees. The platform is also a showcase of games under development. The best part- there is no concept of exclusive or prime member; each member has total access to all the features and it’s free.

You can be an animator, coder, musician, artist, writer or otherwise but if you fail to define your position, you will never find the collaborator or the work you’re looking for. It is very important to define your skill set on these platforms. Happy collaborating!

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