Why You Need to Brand Your Film

Image Source: Wikimedia.org One of the biggest mistakes that filmmakers can make is to think that if their film is good enough, people will come to see it. That might have worked a century ago, but, today, it’s a busy marketplace. There are far more entertainment options out there today and that means competition. So, […]

Writing Effective Dialogue

Image Credits: Flickr Writing dialogue is hard. Writing a story or narration is actually easier than creating a draft of people actually talking to each other. A lot of filmmakers, especially those with a ton of cash, often overlook this aspect and make up for it with spectacle. Think of the number of movies that […]

The Best Indie Documentaries on Rock

Image Credits: Pixabay When it comes to the genre of rock documentaries, there are rock documentaries and documentaries that rock. This here is a list containing names of the latter variety. So, if you’re a big fan of rock music and indie documentaries, this list shall see you through the weekend. Image Credits: Pixabay The […]

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