The Path to Success with Independent Films

Image credits – Pixabay Question time! What is common between films like “The Breakfast Club”, “Factory Girl”, “The Blair Witch Project”, “Donnie Darko”, “Reservoir Dogs”, and “Memento”? These films, among many others, are blockbusters produced on a limited budget i.e. they were independent films which tasted mainstream success. The path less traveled Image credits – […]

Featured Company – Shroom Studios

Name:  Christos Hatjoullis Website: Bio: Originally from Liverpool. LJMU Visual Studies undergrad with a fondness for computer graphics and music. Post Grad study in Multimedia at University of Liverpool. Arrived in London 1999 & worked for an new media organisation as an agent (read talent scout.) Co-founded Shroom Ltd in 2001. Two hundred and something’ […]

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