Why You Need to Brand Your Film

Image Source: Wikimedia.org One of the biggest mistakes that filmmakers can make is to think that if their film is good enough, people will come to see it. That might have worked a century ago, but, today, it’s a busy marketplace. There are far more entertainment options out there today and that means competition. So, […]

Writing Effective Dialogue

Image Credits: Flickr Writing dialogue is hard. Writing a story or narration is actually easier than creating a draft of people actually talking to each other. A lot of filmmakers, especially those with a ton of cash, often overlook this aspect and make up for it with spectacle. Think of the number of movies that […]

The Best Indie Documentaries on Rock

Image Credits: Pixabay When it comes to the genre of rock documentaries, there are rock documentaries and documentaries that rock. This here is a list containing names of the latter variety. So, if you’re a big fan of rock music and indie documentaries, this list shall see you through the weekend. Image Credits: Pixabay The […]

What Makes a Video Viral?

Image Credits: Pexels Viral videos largely comprise of sensational and eye-catching content that is both highly coveted as well as shareable. Content that appeals to a large audience has the power to reap exponential gains for your digital marketing efforts. And this is exactly what a viral video does for a business. But then what […]

Future of VR in Film

Image credits – Wikipedia If you’ve been following the innovation timeline with regard to cinema, you’d have noticed by now that VR or Virtual Reality is the next big thing. But, is it really? Well, it certainly seems so considering the actions of a few major players. For instance, IMAX recently announced that it would […]

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