The main reason I like to work through Nerdeo is that it opens up a world of possibilities. There are lots of projects from different countries, with unique visions of the stories director’s want to tell. What I find important is the opportunity to collaborate (paid or unpaid) on beautiful projects, which unfortunately need the help of a lot of artists to see the light of day. These filmmakers have passionately followed their dreams and went forth, creating, with an impossible budget. I like being a part of a community where I can help bring these projects to life. About the platform, it’s simple: super-easy to work on, get contact and get paid. You have the proper tools at ease of access so you only pay attention to what matters: find a project that suits you. For now, I have collaborated on two projects; Arthur & Merlin, and The Squonk. Both really interesting and with a nice working team. I think Nerdeo helps you access new ideas and approaches. Working remotely requires some discipline and good communication skills, so you have to do your best at that. I also learned a lot about new workflows, which always mean an improvement in your daily work. And of course, meeting new people so my networking is getting bigger after every project I work on.
We connect artists to indie projects and get them finished.
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