Interview with Georgios Karathanasis

– What do you do and what are your interests?
I am basically a realist/surrealist painter and used to be tattooist and Illustrator for a while.But thru the last 2 years i realised my real passion which is VFX and here i am, i’m slowly starting my career as a fresher Environment Artist. This is what i want to do i am so thankful that i found it out considerably early in my life.I am 27.
– Could you explain a little about your career journey in the VFX / film industry?
Well i believe my journey in VFX is just currently starting. Two years ago i was a Fine Arts graduate but had nothing to do with 3d computer softwares or anything like that and wouldn’t imagine the decisions and sacrifices i would have made to be here today. So i started my Masters in Digital FX , Bournemouth University and almost instantly i realised that i had no technical skillset and i had to be pedal on the metal to catch up the class and of course prepare a decent reel for the next day.I graduated last winter and everyday i am learning new things and evolving around talented people.
– As student how useful do you find Nerdeo? How did you hear about us?
Nerdeo platform is really fresh and helpful for new-comer artists like me. I personally enjoy how you get in touch with experienced heads from the industry directly and almost all of the times they are really open and cool. hah it is weird but i first found the Nerdeo website by accident as i was scrolling my browser history so somebody else searched it here already. But also later on our program Tutor from the Uni has contacted us about opportunities here.
– What has been the highlight of your career so far? 
So far i am really happy about my master’s final project which came in a rush of 8 weeks evolving Live set shootings , Look Dev, 5 fully CG environments Post production and of course learning.You don’t know your limits until you push yourself harder each time. As a painter I’ve had exhibitions and some publications but i am looking forward to break new grounds and one day become a lead VFX artist through creative vision and dedication.
– What’s on the horizon for you?
I have more than 4 VFX projects on the way. Two of them are from here, Nerdeo platform, another collaborating project with VFX graduates and and a solo project . I am really looking forward to update my reel so i can introduce myself to the Studios.
– What are you currently using Nerdeo for? Tell us about your project.
I am currently using Nerdeo as part of my work as i am getting in touch with supervisors or searching new potential opportunities for the future. The projects i am working here are 11hours Cleaning and YEOA .Both are films with lots of CG work and i am challenging myself daily as i am learning new skills outside my focus field with is Environment work. The supervisors are helping us a lot.
– What has your experience as an artist on Nerdeo been like so far? What have you enjoyed the most?
So far its been a nice ride and i think this platform really bridges the gap between graduates/freshers/beginners and the industry level jobs.
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