The Top 10 Apps for Indie Filmmakers

Image credits – Pixabay Independent filmmakers nowadays have an entire arsenal of apps available in the market to help them with the filmmaking process. Taking advantage of these apps means saving valuable time, effort, and money. Shot Lister  A truly professional shot list and scheduling app, Shot Lister will let you sync your project file […]

The Resurgence of Celluloid The advancement in technology, filmmaking has soared new heights. The equipment, software, sound, effects, and various cinematic innovations have helped bring in audiences to theaters. The digitization of films has pushed its celluloid parent out of the ballpark. Online platforms such as Netflix and better access to these platforms have ensured a decline in […]

Simulcam – When CG Meets Live-Action

  The science fiction epic, Avatar, broke not just box office records but new barriers in technology. It pushed the boundaries of 3D and revolutionized the way you perceived a film. Director James Cameron, known to be a perfectionist, had been envisioning the story since 1994 and wanted the visual spectacle for the audience to […]

The Future in Filmmaking Filmmakers nowadays are finding innovative ways to bring audiences to their films. Be it filmmaking or marketing, you can safely say the movie industry has become technologically more advanced and savvy. The expertise used in films today would have been unimaginable 10 (maybe even five) years ago. Here are five technologies set to replace […]

Challenges Faced By Indie Films and Filmmakers The independent film space has always been churning innovative, fresh, and frankly, watchable ideas onto the screen. Filmmakers often put their heart and soul into their films, combining their passion for storytelling with a visual medium. You would think, with so much talent in the area why aren’t indie films being pursued more vigorously […]

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