Shooting Schedule Tips to Save Money

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons Making a film isn’t exactly something that’s easy, especially when it comes to the financial aspect. You might have a budget in place, but, there’s a good chance that you’re going to exceed it. In fact, this happens more often than one can imagine. However, that doesn’t mean it is okay […]

How to Write a Good TV Pilot

Image Credits: Flickr There are hundreds of TV shows that try to get onto the silver screen. However, only a few of them make it. Now, the one thing that decides the fate of a TV show is the Pilot episode. The pilot episode is what makes or breaks a TV show. So, naturally, it […]

Ignore these Film Distribution Myths

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons As you keep making inroads into the film businesses, one of the greatest challenges you’ll face is film distribution. You might be great at filmmaking, but, distribution happens to be a completely different ball game. As a new filmmaker, you have hopes and often those hopes can make you a little […]

Why You Need to Brand Your Film

Image Source: One of the biggest mistakes that filmmakers can make is to think that if their film is good enough, people will come to see it. That might have worked a century ago, but, today, it’s a busy marketplace. There are far more entertainment options out there today and that means competition. So, […]

Writing Effective Dialogue

Image Credits: Flickr Writing dialogue is hard. Writing a story or narration is actually easier than creating a draft of people actually talking to each other. A lot of filmmakers, especially those with a ton of cash, often overlook this aspect and make up for it with spectacle. Think of the number of movies that […]

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