Wanna be a Film Director? Here’s What You Need to Start Doing Today

Image Credits: Flickr Directing is a wonderful, but, complex career option. However, it has its own rewards and if you’re one of those aspiring directors, there’s a lot you need to start doing in order to set yourself up for this line of work. Here are a few tips to help you out. Watch a ton of movies This is kind of obvious. After all, movies are what you plan to make and what better way to learn about them than to actually watch them. However, there’s a difference to viewing movies as an aspiring director than as a regular viewer. The objective is not to be entertained, but, to study. Take the time to assess each scene or setting. For instance, a lot of professional directors suggest watching movies with no sound in order to understand how stories are communicated from a visual perspective. By doing so, you’re opening up your mind to every detail that’s hiding within a particular scene; the camera angles, the setup, the movements, and the size of the shots. The same can be done the other way as well– with the picture off and the audio. You’ll be surprised at the level of detail that goes into directing sound as well. There are so many things in there that the average viewer misses out on when he/she is distracted by images. By watching movies this way, you are actually deconstructing them, which allows you to see each element that goes into creating the whole. 2 Image Credits: Flickr Read No matter what field you’re aiming to make it into, reading is the best way to learn about the concerned field. This is very true for directing. So, take the time to read every book you can find about filmmaking. But, don’t stop there. Start reading screenplays as well. In fact, screenplays are very important. They teach you how to convert words into actual scenes. It’s a great way to learn how to visualize. Learn to act If you’re going to be directing, you need to understand how the whole acting thing works. After all, you are going to be dealing with actors throughout your career. If you want to communicate with actors effectively, you need to start seeing things from their perspective. So, a little training in the art of acting can go a long way in making you a better director.
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