What Should You Expect in Return for Working Gratis on a No-Budget Film?

  There may be a tussle going on in your mind as to whether you should work on a low-budget film which is offering you no money for your services. You are within your rights to ask what you can and should expect in return for working gratis. It isn’t a bad idea to get a formal commitment from the producer or the director of the movie before you start working on the project that you will be given a certain things in lieu of your free service. This article will discuss the perks that you can expect from a no-to-low budget film on which you decide to work for free. Credits Whether you are producing this film through a crowd sourcing website or you are working as a small technician, a small film gives you a lot of leverage to negotiate with the other creators or producers. You can ask for inclusion of your name in the opening credits. You can even stake claim on the opening position of a title card. Although you may not always be in a position where you can have a say in the exact order of a title card, you will definitely get some form of credit for sure. Expect friendly treatment on the set One of the biggest advantages of working for free is that you will get best treatment possible on the allocated budget. Even if you are not remunerated for your services, you will often be paid in kind. You can also expect to have a say in the schedule of the shoot. You can take leave if you want to, until and unless you are absolutely needed. The director or the producer is usually very grateful to you and often gives you creative freedom. Premiere invites You can expect quite a few free passes to the premiere show of the movie. The producers would want you and your guests to come and grace the occasion. You may get to meet and interact with influential members of the film fraternity in such premiere shows and create a good network. Merchandise Many low budget movies today create specialized merchandise to promote their movie. These may be sold through online stores or brick and mortar stores. Some may be given out to contest winners and for free in order to promote the movie. However, if some money is generated through the sale of merchandise before or after the screening of the movie, you can expect a generous percentage of the total proceeds. You will also be within your rightful position to ask for a percentage.   FF5_Packshot Copies of the final work You can also expect to get a copy of the final product. You can include some rushes or portions of the final work in your showreel and use it for self-promotion. Conclusion You will have a far greater say in the creatives and commercial aspects of a low budget film. You can also ask for shares if music or TV rights are sold at a later date. You will feel a lot more involved in the production of the movie. You may be held accountable for the fate of the film but you will also enjoy a greater degree of ownership.
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