Nerdeo Connect Competition & Raffle

Nerdeo, Escape Studios, Autodesk and Wacom are banding together to show that creativity knows no boundaries and no budget. Even before the whole world went remote, Nerdeo was already bringing digital artists together from all over the world in the name of creativity through their collaboration projects. We want you to show us what you can do and how many people you can pull together to achieve your creative vision.

The Brief

Create a two minute short, trailer or proof of concept with at least 30 seconds worth of VFX. It can be pure compositing, a mixture of live action and CGI,  pure CGI or a mixture of 2D animation with live action footage. Any piece of software is allowed and the team should work on the post production, mostly, remotely. The team must publish their project through Nerdeo, the Collaboration projects section, where they can either find more collaborators globally to help complete the project or just showcase their team and tasks completed. Make sure you describe your VFX pipeline on the project description or tasks!

All entries must point to their Nerdeo Project page so we can keep track of the whole team. A list of the software used to create the project should be supplied.

The project must be an independent production that follows these guidelines:

1. Started or completed production in 2021
2. Is the trailer for a project that has been in development for longer (before Jan 2021) and is still in production. 
3. You must be clear that you are submitting a trailer, proof of concept or short film in you project collaboration page.

The Judging Panel

Sara Bennett

VFX Supervisor @ Milk VFX

Sara Bennett is one of the five founding owners of Milk, a multi-award winning, independent visual effects company based in London. Sara is a VFX Supervisor and Milk’s Head of 2D.

Sara became the second ever-female VFX Oscar winner when she received a 2016 Academy Award for best visual effects in Alex Garland’s feature Ex-Machina, for which she also received a 2016 BAFTA Film Award nomination.

Victor Perez

VFX Supervisor / Director

Award-winner Film Director and VFX Supervisor, considered a visual effects compositing master and NUKE™ guru, Victor Perez, has worked on a number of Hollywood blockbusters. Starting his career as a photographer and digital artist, today his films have earned him more than 27 awards world wide.

Rebecca Clay

VFX Supervisor @ Untold Studios

Rebecca is a highly creative and award winning VFX Supervisor working at Untold Studios where she was amongst the first 12 incredibly talented core team members that formed that company in 2018. Untold Studios has broken new ground in adopting a full Amazon Web Services cloud-based workflow and Rebecca has been instrumental in defining that workflow and the production processes that support it. She has recently led the Bafta and Emmy nominated visual effects work on the Crown.

Ben Fischer

Industry Strategy Manager for Media & Entertainment @ Autodesk

Ben Fischler is Senior Industry Strategy Manager for Media & Entertainment at Autodesk. Based out of Portland, Oregon, and with a background spanning over 20 years in VFX and Animation production, Ben focuses on how Autodesk will help the next generation of creators meet the content creation challenges of the future.

Caroline Pires

Caroline Pires has worked in the visual effects industry for over a decade as both an artist and supervisor. After her studies at Escape Studios, she went on to work on major blockbuster titles and eventually became part of an Oscar-winning visual effects team for Martin Scorsese’s  “Hugo 3D”. She has become a master of VFX for TV and advertising, having worked with Framestore, Pixomondo, Nvizible, MPC and Cinesite to name just a few of the facilities listed on her CV. Now the founder of her own business Nerdeo.

Inspo! VFX Videos we think you can take insperation from.

How To

1. Sign up to nerdeo at
2. Fill out your profile.
3. Create your project on nerdeo by clicking on “Post A Project” anywhere on the site and start filling out your project details. Make sure you choose “Collaboration” under the Payment heading. For more information on how we work:

Example collaboration project:
4. Add a project image or video (can only be youtube or vimeo) to your header, fill out the project description and add the roles people will be filling. These can already be part of your team, or they can be roles you would like filled!
5. Copy the project public URL and send that in together with the rest of your information on the competition registration page at the bottom of this page in the Entries Section.

View Conference Competition Launch & Winners Announced at VFX Festival 2022

We’re launching the competition at View conference 2021 on October 21st at 12:30 CET. If you want to get to know the panelists better then check out their panel discussion at view conference for free here.

Stay up-to-date with all the free VFX panel discussions with this program.

Once the entries have been judged, the winning entries will be announced and screened at the VFX festival 2022 in London.


WINNERS 2021 / 2022

Runner Up – Project still under review

  • Escape Studios offers discounts on online courses for the whole team.
  • Escape Merchandise.
  • Nerdeo Runner Up Badge
  • Film featured on our website blog  and social media with all due credits
  • Nerdeo Merchandise Pack sent to the whole team.

Overall Winner

  • Maya Licenses from Autodesk (max 12 – Please see full rules bellow)
  • Nerdeo Winner Badge supplied.
  • Film featured on our Landing Page, Blog and social.
  • Nerdeo Merchandise Pack sent to the whole team.

Honorable Mention

  • Nerdeo Honorable Mention badge 
  • Film featured on our website blog  and social media with all due credits
  • Nerdeo Merchandise Pack sent to the whole team.


Competition Launch - 21 / 10 / 2021 - View Conference 2021
Last Entries Call: 06 /03/ 2022
Prize Winner Revealed at VFX Festival 2022 - Date TBC

The Rules

1. You must be registered on the website.
2. Wacom will distribute only to the countries they trade with. Full details press read more.
3. The filmmaker hereby grants Nerdeo (Nerds United VFX Ltd), Escape Studios, Autodesk, Wacom and their representatives the right to utilize a poster, trailer or clip excerpt from any film accepted for exhibition for promotional purposes.
4. There is no age limitation to this competition.

Copyright Nerdeo 2021 - Nerdeo and partners have the right to distribute.