Collaboration Projects Flow Tutorial

Posting a collaboration project is easy and FREE! Showcase your project, list your tasks and manage your artists all in one place. Register for your free account and let’s get started! Video overview can be found here:

Posting a Collaboration Project

  1. Click on “Post a Project” either on your project dashboard
  2. Name your project. Remember this cannot be changed after you’ve published this project!
  3. Choose a Type: Game or Film / TV
  4. Under Payment chose “Collaboration”. This is free to post and indicates to everyone else that there is NO BUDGET attached to this project.
  5. As soon as you choose collaboration, a dropdown header will appear for you to enter any relevant images or videos for your project. For now we only support Youtube, Vimeo links and up to 2mb Images.
  6. Diversity is optional. We first built this to show projects that are being led by a diverse team but these filters can also be used to search for a diverse team.
  7. Keywords are essential for people to find your project.
  8. Location is important so applicants know where the project is based and what time difference to expect, specially if working remotely.
  9. Details is where you include a quick summary about the project as a whole and the people behind it.
  10. Click on Available Roles and start listing the tasks that need filling.
  11. Once you’re happy with the project, save it and preview it.
  12. Press “Publish” when you’re ready for the project to go out into the world. Project Posted!

Project Dashboard & Messaging

Active Projects shows all projects you are involved in and is split into 3 categories:
  1.  My Projects – Projects you own and have created yourself.
  2.  My Collaborations – Projects you are collaborating on as an artist.
  3.  Applied Roles – Projects you have applied to work on.

New Project Dashboard

  1.  Click on the message icon to access your new project dashboard and messaging for that project.
  2. Edit – allows you to edit the project details.
  3. Takes you to the public view of the project page.
Each project is now centralized and has it’s own mini dashboard where you can access project related messages, manage your collaborators, group messaging and billing. Project Messages  – Messages are filtered by project. Any message related to a specific project can be found through the projects dashboard under the messages tab. Here you will be able to find:
  1. Application messages.
  2. Role Closure messages.
Project Chat – We now have a group chat! All users that have been accepted into this project can now communicate together under project chat.     Artist –  Where all artists on the project can be managed. Here you can see who’s; applied, declined and penciled for your project. This also where you can delete collaborators if needed.

Completing A Collaboration Project

  To complete a collaboration project you can do it in two ways, as either the project owner or artist. To complete the project as the owner:
  1. Go to Accounts under your general dashboard or Billing under the Project Dashboard.
  2. Under accounts you will see your project name under either All or Payouts. In the Action column, you can request that the artist close the role if it has been completed. Usually, the artist should request closure first. However, if the haven’t you can nudge them by requesting them to close the role.
  3. Click “Request Role Closure”. The artist will be notified that the role needs closing on their end.
  4. The artist will then ask you for final approval. You must log back in to your accounts or refresh the page and the click “Approve Now”. This will permanently close the role.
  5. Once ALL roles for the project are closed, you can complete your project! Go to the Project in Edit mode, by clicking the “Edit” button under it’s thumbnail on the project dashboard:
  6. Scroll to the bottom of your project page in Edit mode and you’ll find the “Complete” button there. If all your roles have been closed, then the project can be completed, if not, you will have to request and approve all role closures before completing you project.
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