Wilbert Alvarez

Wilbert Alvarez – Winner at NCC 2021/2022

– What is your job title and role in the industry?
  Motion Designer, 3D animator and generalist. I am currently a Senior Motion Designer at Tenkai Technologies in Barcelona, and a Motion Design Postgraduate Studies Director at Idep Barcelona. I´ve been teaching and working in freelance projects in the areas of animation, character animation, and lighting and rendering for some years now. This is a carreer I share with my long time passion for music, so i´ve also been working in band and solo albums as a singer songwriter, and guitar player.  
 – Tell us more about your winning film at NCC 2022, “La Oscuridad del Tiempo”. How did you come up with the idea for it?
When I was about to release my second solo album “Mundo Cruel”. I had this song, “La Oscuridad del Tiempo” or The Darkness Of Time, which dealt directly with the eternal question that has been driving humanity crazy for ages and ages. Does God Exist? I wanted to mix my two long time creative outlets, music and 3D, and I wanted the idea to come through me as an artist as pure as possible, so I started to visualize the possibility of this astronaut, lost in space, representing humanity. Watching how hopes in technology decay as his ship breaks apart in space and clinging to an unexpected last spark of hope that helps him (humanity) achieve the transformation he needs to change the world. I then started working in this idea that kept changing it s shape in the process of the making of it, always in close contact and working with my music producers, Playground Studio in Madrid so the concept would always reflect the idea of the song. This next lines were written for the press release at the time of the album´s appearance in 2021: The artist is as riddled and desperate as humanity itself. Willbert puts his own beliefs at test, being a 2021 guy, who knows better than to fall for traditional fairy tales of heavens up in the clouds and long beared key holders, but can’t  help the sense that there is some kind of power that unites everything out there and within.  This is “La Oscuridad del TIempo” (The Darkness of Time), a song that mixes spacely acoustic guitar  timbres, with random analog electric effects and delays, finishing up in a powerful display. A very dynamic song that sometimes speaks low and then yells at your face, full of doubts that desperately explores what or who looks at us from above if that something or someone exists. A massive use of voices placed in multiple layers to support the idea of a legion in search for an answer, The Darkness of Time features a video clip that has been made by Willbert in 3D and reflects that search in the form of an astronaut lost in space, facing the unexpected.  Will we ever know? Will we fade away?  
– What software did you use to make it?
  I used a variety of softwares, Cinema 4D, Xsens and Awinda suit for some mocap, as well as some mixamo animations, rendered entirely in Octane. Particle work is done in Xparticles and After Effects for compositing, also Davinci resolve for a final color touch.   – What projects have you worked on? What would be some of your most well known credits?   I co directed a “Club Colombia” campaign, with Biota Studios, which is a relatively recent project. In it, ihad the opportunity to manage a team of animators and deliver content that was highly appreciated by the client and consumer community.  
–  Could you explain a little about your career journey in the VFX / film industry?
I Graduated in Design Management and studied Computer Animation in Barcelona. Then I spent the next 15 years’ working in 3D for motion graphics, advertising, videoclips, animated shorts, teather, film and diverse media applications. I´ve collaborated with many studios of the Barcelona area like Trizz, Fakestudio, The Bond VFX, Garage Films, Diestro, Boolab, Biota and Urano creating content for clients like Coca-Cola, Tous, Dkiss. Discovery Channel, Lego, Club Colombia, among others. Also went into teaching different animation and motion subjects in various Design Schools in the Barcelona area for more than 10 years. I can’t leave out my carreer as a musician, singer/ songwriter. I Composed and released 7 records with my band “Luz Verde” and released 2 records as a solo artist. And I´ve also recorded with other bands, so my musical work resumes in about 20 records.  
– What has been the highlight of your career so far?
  Being able to shape my own Motion Design course at Idep Barcelona and being able to successfully collaborate in proyects with great studios through all these years.  Musically, being a Latin Grammy nominee twice was also very satisfying.  
– What’s on the horizon for you? 
  In the immediate term I enjoy working at Tenkai Technologies, where I have the flexibility to work and learn new stuff. For instance I am now entering the world of real time through Unreal Engine and I expect to land more freelance projects in the future with Nerdeo.  
– What has your experience as an artist on Nerdeo been like so far? What have you enjoyed the most?

Nerdeo has been great so far, although i´m kind of new in the community, but the communication with their team and job opportunities that keep popping up are very motivating.

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