Interview with Oriol Argullos

– What is your job title and role in the industry?
I did a Master Degree in Postproduction and Compositing and my role in the industry is as a Compositor.
– Could you explain a little about your career journey in the VFX / film industry?
I worked in a Short film Mundos Digitales 2.0. My job was to integrate background and foreground, keying and rotor mapping in different scenes of the short film and my last job was in SSVF in Dublin as a freelancer.
– How long have you been in the VFX industry.
I finish my Master Degree last year and in 2020 I got my first job as a compositor.
– What has been the highlight of your career so far?
The highlight for me so far was working in SSVFX with a lot friendly people.
– What’s on the horizon for you?
I would like to work in a big company such as DNEG, Framestore, etc… in a well know Hollywood movie.
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