Payment Through Nerdeo

Paying Your Artist Setting Up Your PayPal Payment Details: 1. Go to your Dashboard > Settings  > Payments 2. Link your PayPal account under the “Payment Details” section. Your PayPal email will be saved and any payments will be made from this account. If in the future you decide to work as an artist, any […]

Commercial Project Flow Tutorial

For the summary video version of this tutorial, click here: Posting a Commercial Project is easy and FREE (while we’re in BETA)! We have built this with privacy and reliability in mind. Commercial projects do not get posted to the community but instead are sent straight to our senior team who will get in […]

Indie Project Flow Tutorial

Full video here: Posting an Indie Project is easy and FREE! Showcase your project, list your tasks and we’ll do the rest! Your applications will get vetted by the Nerdeo Plus team. Our team might contact you to ask further questions about your project to make sure we get you the right person. Both […]

Collaboration Projects Flow Tutorial

Posting a collaboration project is easy and FREE! Showcase your project, list your tasks and manage your artists all in one place. Register for your free account and let’s get started! Video overview can be found here: Posting a Collaboration Project Click on “Post a Project” either on your project dashboard Name your project. […]

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