Nerdeo Premium Is Launching 16.03.2020

  Nerdeo is releasing their new Premium service on the 16th of March 2020. After being in free beta for years, this will be an exciting new chapter for our customers and for us as a company. We’ve listened to you and worked on the most requested features throughout our time in public beta. These are the new features you can expect in less than two weeks time:
  • Instant Project Notification / Preferences – Now you’ll be able to receive instant project notifications straight to your inbox as soon as a project of your preference is posted on Nerdeo.
Be sure to check your brand new settings page and make sure that your preferences are set so you only get notified of the projects you want to hear about:    
  • New Project Completion Features – Everyone was having a hard time marking projects as complete. So we’ve gone ahead and made it easier! Nerdeo has revamped the UX here and given both project owners and freelancers the right to request invoices or role closures (non-budgeted projects). All roles will now be automatically closed after payment on budgeted projects. If all payments have gone through, the project will automatically be marked as complete.  You will get email notifications explaining what you’re allowed to do every step of the way.
  • New Tutorials Section – You can now find a bunch of new tutorials on our tutorials section of our blog here:
  • New Social / Blog – Our social is now divided into the following sections:
  1.  Behind The Screen: We’ve always loved to showcase talent, specially the talent that can already be found on Nerdeo. Now we’ll be returning the featured artist / project as “Behind The Screen” section of our blog and opening it up to a few worthy outsiders.
  2. Products: We’ll be reviewing tech that we beleive benefits our users and offering discounts on a few of those products.
  3. Projects on Nerdeo: All projects will be advertised through our social channels.
  4. Tips N’Tricks: Tips from industry experts. We also love good quotes that have been overheard at VFX studios around the world. Send them in and share the humour with our community… best quotes can get you featured on our blog! Tweet us at @NerdeoNet with the hashtag #NerdeoQuote 
  Bug Fixes:
  • Company Name Bug – Profile not showing as a company in messaging and invoicing fixed.
  • Messaging Notifications – Fixed.
  • Password Recovery – Fixed.
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