New Instant Project Notification Feature

One of our best new features is the instant project notification feature! To be released with Nerdeo Premium on 16.03.2020

How Does It Work?


Nerdeo Project Owner

  1. Post a NEW project on nerdeo and the whole community gets alerted instantly about your project via email. That email contains the thumbnail image, description and application link.
  2. If you edit the project or add new roles after you have published this project once, these modifications will not go out via email. However users can get notified of these changes if they decide to FOLLOW your project.


Nerdeo Community / Artists

  • Go to you Settings page and adjust your preferences according to what notifications you want to receive via email. Choices of:
Film Games Budgeted Collaboration  
  • You will only receive email notifications according to your preferences.
  • If you want to receive further notifications of any changes to that project, then press the following icon to follow the project and receive alerts on new roles that get posted or see who gets accepted into the role:
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