Why Proof of Concepts Matter for Your Film

Image Credits: Flickr Today, it’s not enough for an aspiring filmmaker to have only a script. To get your big shot, you need a proof of concept. If you do not already know what proof of concepts is for films, they are simply scenes from your feature length script, made and shot into a short film. It is like a sample of what your film will look like – characters, script, direction, cinematography and all other elements – were it to be a full-length feature. Producers of today do not pick up films the traditional way anymore. Well, some of them still do. But a new practice is on the rise, and it is great news for filmmaking aspirants. Proof of concepts give people a slice of your ideas, and if by chance big studios come across it online and they are convinced your ideas are feasible, then you are only one production away from achieving your dreams. Why is proof of concepts so important for a modern film maker? Did you know that the Academy Award winning movie “Whiplash” started off as a proof of concept? In a 2014 interview with MovieMaker, director Damien Chazelle explained that the producers suggested making a proof of concept for the investors of the movie so they can have a taste of what the movie would look and feel like on screen. At first, Chazelle was hesitant because he had written Whiplash as a feature, and he did not want to make it into a ‘short’. But this idea turned out to be a great one, as the investors were impressed and it “aroused interest in the project that hadn’t existed before”. This move facilitated the film getting a green light to be made into a full-length feature. 2 Image Credits: Flickr Many studios now consider proof of concepts a necessity not just for first-time directors but for any filmmaker looking for funding for their feature films. Because today, investors are looking to minimize losses; their business revolves around risk management. That is why proof of concepts are gaining so much traction in the filmmaking industry. It gives potential investors an understanding of your ideas and visions, and if they decide that it would work well on the big screen, then you have scored yourself a feature deal and on your way to make a name for yourself in the industry.
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