How Creating Content is So Hot Right Now. Specially VR

Image credits: Pixabay In the digital age, the rate of content consumption has increased manifold. Most people use smartphones and tablets and accessing digital content real time is no longer an issue. As internets become faster and prices of devices fall further, the chances of content consumption only improves. However, will the quality of content matter? Yes, it will. With an explosion of content and big data in the virtual world, the content makers and marketers will have to provide something extra to draw people’s attention and to keep them engaged for long periods of time. Surveys and research have already proven that the attention span of millenials is down to eight minutes or less! How VR is improving content streaming experience? VR or virtual reality is a concept that espouses a belief that you can be immersed in a “realistic” experience even if you are not taking part in it physically. Good VR content can make your mind believe that the experience is actually real and it can grip you emotionally. According to a Marketing Week blog post, an 8-minute film called “Clouds over Sidra” which used a 360º degree immersive technology and highlighted the plights of the Syrian refugees received an overwhelming response. It was produced by the UNICEF and when this movie was shown to people on the streets of Auckland in New Zealand, the donations doubled. Good VR content can make you feel very real emotions. The warmth can touch you through your immersive headsets and create the right impulses in your brain. VR is more than a niche VR is already a $1 billion industry and Goldman Sachs has predicted that it could become an $80 billion industry by 2025. The cost of VR technology is coming down as more innovations and inventions take place. A number of VR tech players have entered the market and the race for the largest market share has begun. Also, brands and advertisers are now keener to experiment with the technology to create immersive advertisements. Ever wondered how it will feel to sit and take a ride in the new car being marketed? How about wearing the new dress or wearing the new shoe? You can not only try them on without moving out from your home but also compare and check prices at rival stores. Immersive nature of VR content is not only attractive to users but marketers too want to harness it because it increases their chances of conversion. 2 Image credits: Pixabay You don’t have to view a concept or a product from the lens of the director but see it the way you wish to. If you want to spend more time inside the cabin of a car and keeping looking at the dashboard, you can. How about a VR film? Instead of watching Mowgli jump from tree to tree or sit on the back of a tiger, you could do it yourself. You could take a dip in the icy waters of the Arctic sea one moment and ride a camel in the sand dunes of Egypt the very next. VR content can only be limited by your lack of imagination. Some problems still persist though. VR content is still shot in 4k and the effectiveness gets somewhat lost in VR. 8k videos are still not supported ably by today’s internet. The speed has to improve by leaps and bounds before it becomes a reality. However, VR content will continue to mesmerize users from eight to eighty!
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