Promoting or Marketing your Indie Film using Social Media

Image credits – Pixabay In the independent film industry, social media plays a huge role in digital marketing and self-distribution. Social media has already become a part of people’s everyday lives. It has infinite reach and potential as a marketing platform. Social media is the perfect platform to promote independent films, especially the budget-constrained ones. Following are some tips on how to effectively promote or market your indie film with the help of social media.
  1. Understand your audience  The content that you push out on each social media should relate to its principle demographic. Posting the same content on Facebook does not mean that it will perform the same on Twitter or LinkedIn. For instance, if the target audience of your indie film is millennials within the age group of 18-24, then promote the movie on Vine, Tumblr, and Snapchat, where they have a strong presence. If you want to reach an older crowd, age group 35-44, then go with LinkedIn. People within the age group of 25-34 are more active on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.
  2. Post the contents consistently  Give social media a prominent and habitual role in your marketing strategy by keeping the posts consistent. You do not have to post aggressively, just 2 or 3 posts or tweets a day will suffice. Keep it regular and manageable. The aim is to keep the posts consistent. You may increase the posts during special events.
  3. Make the posts interesting  Behind-the-scenes videos, a short interview with the actors, and so on can make the posts interesting. Post them on Facebook or Vine. Post a funny production still on Instagram or Twitter. Get involved with the audience by having a quiz based on films. Also, post relevant independent film industry news. This will make your audience understand that you are a serious filmmaker, and your films would be worth watching. Try to incorporate videos and stills as much as possible. 2 Image credits – Pixabay
  4. Keep each of the posts tailored Posting the same still or image on different social media platforms is fine, as long as you modify your captions to tailor that particular platform, and the audience. For example, you can post the same picture on Facebook and LinkedIn, however, change the captions to suit the audience. You may go with a very casual caption on the Facebook post, and on LinkedIn, a caption with a professional tone. Avoid duplicate posts.Embracing social media will definitely help you to promote your independent film effectively in the most economical way possible. Ref:
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