Here’s How Aspiring Filmmakers can Maintain Cash Flow

Image Credits: Pexels So, you’re an aspiring filmmaker? Well, that’s great. But, there’s also some bad news for you. Life as an aspiring filmmaker isn’t going to be easy, especially in the money department. This is a tough industry and making it here takes a ton of grit. In the meantime, you’re going to have to rely on every trick in the bag to make a living. Here are a few tips to get you started. Make a plan One of the biggest mistakes you can make as an amateur filmmaker is to not have a plan. Always have a plan to earn a living while pursuing filmmaking as your real career. Unless, of course, you have rich parents who are willing to support your dreams. But, if you’re just an average guy/gal dreaming of making it big in the film world, you need to have a side job that can support you. So, press the pause button on the dreaming and get to work. In fact, if you can get a job in a related field, it would be great. Maybe something in editing or post-production. It’s a great way to acquire new skills; skills that will come in handy when you actually get to where you want to go. Market your skills Once you’re sure your skills are good enough, start marketing them. To put it simply, become a freelancer. It’s a nice way to earn money and build a network. For instance, if you’ve acquired skills as a camera operator, don’t hesitate to offer your services for anything that comes your way. Is there an ad production that wants a camera operator? Go for it. You never know who you’ll meet and where it might take you. At the very least, you’ve got some experience that can be added to your portfolio. Of course, you’ll be able to make that rent payment, which is great, and necessary if you want a place to live. 1 Image Credits: Flickr Manage your money Stop spending on things you don’t need. Life as an aspiring filmmaker is hard enough, so, don’t make it worse by going broke. Be wise with your money. Think twice before buying something. Do you really need that? If you don’t, just put it back where it belongs. There will come a time when your small sacrifices will pay off. You can spend whatever you want at that time. Don’t get us wrong; we aren’t asking you to live like a hermit. Just stick to the basics. Avoid anything extravagant.
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