4 Mistakes to Avoid When Making a Proof of Concept Film

Image Credits: Flickr A proof of concept (PoC) film is similar to a short film, except that it is not written as such. Short films have a script and a complete idea within the few minutes that they are meant to run. A PoC film, on the other hand, is a part of a feature film that has been shot and edited. A PoC is something more than a movie trailer but less than a complete short film. The idea of a PoC is to give a feel of the intended feature film to potential producers and investors. A PoC film is extremely important to find investors for your feature film, especially if you are an amateur director who people do not know yet. 4 common mistakes to avoid when making a proof of concept film Avoid these common mistakes while making your PoC film:
  • Not using the PoC to showcase your talent to the fullest is a common mistake that many amateur directors make. The other extreme is when too much work is crammed into a few minutes, making the PoC look excessive and thus taking away from the beauty and talent of all the people working in front of and behind the camera.
  • Investing too much money in buying equipment to shoot and ignoring editing is a major faux pas. Good shooting equipment is definitely required, but you also need to plan your time and money such that adequate resources are available at the editing stage as well.
  • Neglecting the audio in your PoC is never a good idea. Be it background music, dialogues or other kinds of audio, it is important to ensure that the audio syncs and works well with the visuals after video editing is complete.
  • Getting the format of the file wrong and being unable to showcase your PoC to your investors is possibly the biggest mistake you can commit as a film maker. It is always a good idea to check the kind of equipment available at the screening beforehand to ensure you have the format of your PoC film file correct and there are no technical glitches when playing the film.
2 Image Credits: Flickr A well-made PoC film can lead to a lot of interesting opportunities for directors in feature films, short films, and as niche expertise in making good PoC films for others. You can choose what you want your PoC film to do for you and work on it accordingly.
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