MIROSHOT – VR Meets The Live Music Gig World

  Miro Shot is an art collective of creatives from around the world, with members in Japan, Mexico, Canada, Paris, LA, NY and London. They have produced albums, award winning short films, games, art installations, books, clothing, film scores and digital artworks. As a collective they count on coders, musicians, writers, event coordinators, film directors and lighting technicians among their members, and concurrently work on several projects at any one time. unknown (1) The central project on which the whole collective is focused, and which will launch the public face of Miro Shot and our parent company MiroColabs is CONTENT. CONTENT is a live music, VR & mixed reality piece, in the form of an immersive concert which has already begun to tour globally, and an online platform which enables our audience to interact and actively participate in the creative process, allowing them to have creative input on everything from the sound of the album, the artwork, live experience and visuals. After a year of writing, coding, development, label deals, management contracts, Miro Shot were awarded a grant by the AFK and have finally launched our collective in Amsterdam at the Institute of Contemporary Art!   The final and most important aspect of the collective and band is to do with participation and collaboration. unknown   “We don’t want an army of fans, we want an army of collaborators. We are inclusive and open- using the exposure and stage that a band would normally keep to itself to make a loud, post Brexit, post Trump statement about the way we can work together to make something that is bigger then one statement, bigger then celebrities, social media hype and fake news. It is a message of positivity and collaboration, in a world that feels as though it is becoming more closed, more isolating and more negative.” Nerdeo will collaborate with Miro Shot to help expand their artist collective in the film, VR and development field. Project coming soon, so stay tuned. We’re so excited about this     Related Links: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-40484246
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