The Power of Collaboration in Gaming

Image credits: Pixabay Come March 2017, and Ubisoft will release its tenth game in the Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon franchise. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is an open world, tactical shooter game set in Bolivia. Developers of the game traversed the South American city and consulted locals to create a realistic setting for you. But what is more interesting is that Ubisoft has had developers from its offices in France, Romania and the United Kingdom working on it for the last five years. A report shows that most games by Ubisoft are a collaborative effort by developers across its 30 studios. Why is collaboration the buzzword in indie games? If big players rely on a distributed workforce, can’t smaller game developers benefit from taking this route? As an indie game developer, you do not have the support of a publisher or access to gaming consoles, and have to harness the power of innovation and digital distribution instead. But technology and digital distribution have transformed the indie gaming industry by increasing your audience base. If you live to create games, not for the lure of the big bucks, but to follow your passion, you can find like-minded people online. You may have a revolutionary idea, and need artists, designers, animators, 3-D modelers and more to transform it into your dream game. A website like was created by indie game developers to offer you a platform to locate these resources. Students who want to gain an experience of gaming can work with collaborate on small games. If you have a team of developers, and are short of a few profiles, you can find your talent in this platform. Even professionals who are willing to provide their expertise are welcome to do so, and work on some cool projects. 2 Image credits: Pixabay Finding game assets online The Internet is a vast repertoire of game assets if you want to create 2D games. A gaming tool site lists an array of paid and free 2D game asset stores online. The commercial stores like Unity Asset Store and Super Game Asset have tools for you to create high-quality games. Graphicriver is a commercial site to download stock images for casual games on mobile devices. Open Game Art has one of the biggest collections of free licensed game assets. It is the perfect place to go to for beginners looking for backgrounds, special effects or icons for their 2D games. Finding assets for your game or talent to produce them is a mere click away. Large companies depend on a global workforce to innovate, handle deadlines and delegate tasks. You can do the same as an indie game developer to see your imagination come into fruition.
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