Why Create a Website to Market Your Films

Image credits – Flickr When it comes to the indie film industry, it’s quite common to across a filmmaker or two that questions the importance of website for their film. The truth is that websites are important for films just as they are for anything and anyone else. In a world, where independent film-making has gained a following, there are more films being produced now than ever before. So, filmmakers need to use every tool in the shed to make your project visible to the public. A website is one of the most cheapest and effective ways to do it. Here are a few reasons why. Provides more information Your website functions like a journal. You can use it to document and share every step that you’ve taken to develop your project. This is typically referred to as a “Behind the Scenes” promo. Film lovers have passion for cinema and they often enjoy watching the challenges and problems that film makers face when creating their respective masterpieces. Other than that, providing people with information on your techniques and strategies can establish you as an authority on the subject. 2 Image credits – Pixabay Showcase A website is like a digital portfolio. It showcases your work and makes it easier for people to find it. You don’t have to limit the website to one specific film. You can use it to showcase your other projects. It is the best way to get the word out on your film and about your own skills. Connect You can add a blog to your website to share interesting facts or details about the film with your fans. This way you actively engage with the community. Not only does it provide your film with publicity, but, it also can add a certain amount of credibility to your name. Share Knowledge Another great reason to open a website is that it allows you to share your know-how on the subject of filmmaking. Your knowledge can be shared hundreds and thousands of amateur filmmakers out there. In fact, you might even be able to find a future team to work with. Other than that, you can provide tutorials and charge them for it. Sales Finally, and probably, the primary objective here is to make sure people are paying and watching your film. It’s the day and age of the internet and a website is your best hope at getting as much attention as possible. So, add a few teasers or trailers to draw in the crowd.
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