The Top 3 Audio Mixers

Image credits – Pixabay An audio mixer is at the heart of a live music performance and is also widely used for recording music in studios. These are consoles or equipments that allow sound from different sources to be mixed into a harmonious and euphonious composition. It is the machine where all the important connections are routed to and it is where important determiners of quality sound like volume, timbre, bass effect, dynamics and panoramic positions etc are created and controlled. One can also use it to add effects at a post production stage and make sound corrections as per the requirement. This is the machine that ensures that different sources of sound contributing to the final composition are blended and feel natural in each other’s presence. The importance of a quality audio mixer in your production is immense. Hence, it’s important to look at some of the best audio mixers available in the market at the moment. The best audio mixers
  1. Yamaha 02R96VCM digital mixing console: One of the hottest products in the market currently, it is the current favorite of top sound engineers in the world. This production console features 56 input channels and 18 mixing busses. Its “selected channel” feature allows intuitive use of a digital console with the feel of an analog desk, aiding quick, neat and hassle-free production. It has a tremendous mixing capacity of 96 KHz. It has 4 multi-effect digital processors and 4 Input/Output expansion slots that act as conduits for the sound sources and the finished musical production. It also features the highly acclaimed REV-X reverberation algorithm. You can now create realistic sound fields within the console using the iSSP technology making outboard gears redundant in your production and thus helping control costs.1 Image credits – Pixabay
  2. Behringer XENY X 802 digital mixing console: One of the best premium professional mixers out there, the XENY X 802 is a 24-input mixer with a 24-bit multi-FX processor and USB interface. It has high headroom and is a low-noise, highly efficient mixing console. It has 10 mic preamps and delivers presets like chorus, reverberations and other effects that you need to make your production top class. It also has an inbuilt editing and recording software that can produce identical sounds made from 150 musical instruments. It also allows the classic British equalization for a fantastic production.
  3. Soundcraft Si Expression 1: Soundcraft Si Expression 1 is known for its precision and overall sound quality. It is a 16-channel digital mixer which is available in the compact rackmount package and is quite affordable too. It comes with 16 mic preamps, 4 stereo Lexicon FX processors, 4 line ins and also the capability to support 66 processing channels with the use of the 64×64 optional slot. The bus mixes also feature 4-band EQ (equalization), BBS Graphic EQ, always-available compression and delay. The output connectivity includes line outs, AES out, a headphone out and ability to configure the 14 aux/ group mixes as per your exact requirements.
Whether you are a professional or still learning your trade, you will find each of these mixers extremely reliable and good investment options. So, if you were worried out your next studio production, you now know which consoles to use!
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