3 Qualities That Make a Great Sound Engineer

Image credits – Pixabay It isn’t easy to become a sound engineer because the discipline isn’t very streamlined and there aren’t too many guides discussing the qualities that make a great sound engineer. A sound engineer is a person who has to deal with the acoustics of a musical video or audio production and is usually in charge of blending sounds from different sources, adding effects and preventing contamination of music in the finished product. They often work during production as well as the post-production stages of a musical production where they are primarily responsible for recording and adding/editing music respectively. In the post-production stage, they have to take care of tonal corrections, pitch, proper balancing and mixing of sounds and also adding effects to make the production more appealing. They need to have a strong technical background and should be comfortable with working in different types of environments i.e. working with different equipments and software interfaces.   2 Image credits – Pixabay Some attributes and characteristics common to most great sound engineers
  1. Ability to consume and distinguish between different forms of music and sounds: A good sound engineer is an avid listener of music. He understands different forms and types of music and also understands the different recording needs when dealing with different styles. He needs to understand the fluidity of technical parameters and how they adopt to the form of music to make the sounds melodious.
  2. Passionate about the profession: All great sound engineers love their job and always deliver 100% on every project on which they work. They understand the intrinsic rhythm in music, the science and technology of the equipments they employ and the magic that is produced with the amalgamation of the two. He is also a natural team player and a leader who can keep his flock of technicians together and guide them even under intense pressure.
  3. Ability to improvise: A great sound engineer is not only highly motivated and passionate about his job but is also smart and has the ability to improvise and innovate when faced with extraordinary challenges. This quality is especially necessary when working under intense pressure and scrutiny of live performances and events. Many unforeseen problems crop out of the blue and a sound engineer would have to think on the spot how he can best manage or contain such a situation without letting it affect the quality of sound perceptibly.
A great sound engineer usually has a number of other positive qualities as well. They are extremely personable and receptive to ideas from other people, diplomatic yet honest, ability to form the bridge between performers and musicians and the listeners and are easily reachable. So, if you have ambitions to become the next big name in the field of sound recording and audio music, you now know the qualities that would take you there.
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