The Path to Success with Independent Films

Image credits – Pixabay Question time! What is common between films like “The Breakfast Club”, “Factory Girl”, “The Blair Witch Project”, “Donnie Darko”, “Reservoir Dogs”, and “Memento”? These films, among many others, are blockbusters produced on a limited budget i.e. they were independent films which tasted mainstream success. The path less traveled 1 Image credits – Pixabay The indie route, should you choose it, is quite different and difficult to pursue. Success largely depends on your skill in storytelling and creativity. Many films aren’t backed by major studios so breaking into the market is, in itself, a task. Despite such apprehensions, the independent film scene gives you a lot of space to develop new skills including design, marketing, sales, distribution, production, and much more. You never know when you may get an opportunity to use these skills. When you start out as an indie film rookie, you are mostly on your own. A lot of hard work and effort will ensure you touch important milestones and gain more visibility. It is vital to find your niche by researching and exploring new ideas. Doing so will get you in touch with bigger filmmakers who share your vision and are willing to collaborate with you on future projects. A great way to increase viewership of your films is to enter them in film festivals. San Francisco, Atlanta, and Seattle have a thriving independent film scene where you can showcase your films to the indie film communities there. Social media is your best friend when it comes to finding the right contacts. Many studios, both large and small, maintain an active online presence for their audience. You can follow them and widen your network by contacting the right people. The money issue If you are worried about the overall cost of your film, then fear not. You can purchase or better yet, rent filming equipment at a modest budget which will allow you to pay your bills comfortably. Therefore, the odds are in your favor. It is up to you to pour life into a story and make it a success that may even lead to a studio deal. Before you sign the dotted line, understand that working in a studio environment is different from working independently. There are a lot more responsibilities, rules, and regulations you may not be comfortable with. This does not mean you should not aim for a studio backing. You should find the right one where your vision is recognized and encouraged. There is no shortcut to fame and success. All that is required from you is determination and passion for creating films which will leave a lasting impression on the audience.
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