Indie Game Development Teams – Where Do You Fit In?

Image credits – Pixabay When you are looking to collaborate with game designers, there are often questions which boggle your mind pertaining to where your skills can be applied efficiently. Take a look at the 5 most important roles you find in indie game development teams and see where you fit in. You can also handle multiple roles given the talents you possess.
  1. Writer: The role of a writer is to weave a story and set the premise of the game. You control the general narrative by developing the plot, characters, backgrounds, and scenarios. Experience is not as important as creativity but is a huge plus when you are looking to join a team. The success of any game depends on its graphics as well as narrative. Therefore, you should be able to make the gamer invest in it with a witty and interesting storyline.
  2. Designer: A great design can propel the game to newer heights. While it mostly isn’t a dedicated role i.e. a programmer or writer can also be the designer, you can add new ideas and enhance gaming experience if you are solely responsible. It is important you bring a hint of freshness to the original idea while keeping the foundation intact. You should also document and maintain records, and keep them up-to-date for future reference.
  3. Artist: Artists have the toughest job on the team, which is why you can usually find more than one in gaming projects. As an artist, you will be collaborating closely with the programmers and designers to understand their vision and bring it to life. You can begin by creating a concept and, after taking inputs from the team, begin sketching out the animations.
  4. Programmer: Ideas are worthless if they cannot be executed. A programmer is the one who will spend the most time on developing the game. Thus, you should be able to code, debug, test, and maintain the game throughout its lifecycle. You will be the heart and soul of the team because this electronic medium will run dry without a decent programmer.
  5. Sound/music designer: If you have an ear for music, then the recording studio is your place. What good is a game if it doesn’t have any sound or music? The sound effects and music add character to the game and can play a huge role in its success. As the music composer, you are required to understand the genre of the game and augment its playing atmosphere.
2 Image credits – Pixabay
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