The Best Environmental Documentaries

Image Credits: Pixabay When it comes to documentaries, there’s literally no end to what you can watch. However, as the old adage goes, some things are meant to be eaten, while others to be chewed or spit out. This applies to documentaries too, especially when you’re dealing with ones that have an environmental theme.   There are several documentaries made on this topic, but, only a few manage to get noticed. To make things a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best environmental documentaries ever made. Thanks to this list, you won’t have to go rummage through rubbish to get to what you’re really looking for. Forks Over Knives This 2011 documentary, directed by Lee Fulkerson, focuses on the vegan lifestyle. Now, most of us meat-eaters and vegetarians might laugh at vegans, but, this documentary shows us there’s nothing to laugh about. The film provides and in-depth view of how the vegan lifestyle actually benefits the environment. There are also claims of how a plant-based diet can actually prevent a majority of the diseases that we humans currently suffer from. The objective of the film is to highlight how food habits can determine our health. We are shown the perspectives of doctors and patients, some of whom suffer from chronic conditions, as they take the vegan journey and come out victorious at the end. An Inconvenient Truth Even you haven’t seen it, you’re likely to have heard about it. An inconvenient Truth is more of a lecture on video than an actual documentary. However, it deserves to be on the list because this film is what set the ball rolling for the “environmental documentary” genre and woke up an entire generation to the threat of global warming. 2 Image Credits: Pixabay The film, needless to say, focuses on the threat of climate change/global warming and where it all might lead to if humans continued exploiting Earth. An Inconvenient Truth won an Oscar and even earned the former presidential candidate, Al Gore, also the main man behind the film, a Nobel Peace Prize. In fact, a lot of the predictions made in the film have come true, which is quite terrifying. The Gleaner’s Kitchen This documentary is actually named after the restaurant, Gleaner’s Kitchen, which is the main subject of the film. The famous Massachusetts underground eatery and grocery store sources its products by raiding the dumpsters of other grocery stores. It might sound gross, but, that’s exactly the misconception the film tries to do away with. Gleaner’s Kitchen focuses on food security as it explores how the restaurant takes wasted food and turns them into fresh meals. Other than that, the film gives us a look at how much waste we produce and how much we take for granted.
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