Why Indie Film-makers Need a Great Promotional Website; and How to Get One?

Image credits: Pixabay A great promotional website is more important for your movies than you may believe Indie film-makers are often unmindful to the need for a publicity blitzkrieg for their movies. They don’t always realize that whether it is a big ticket studio feature film or a low budget indie film, investing time and resources in marketing is a necessary part of the movie-making game. That is why it is imperative to have a great promotional website that not only describes and archives your own journey as a film-maker but also your everyday experiences on your film set. You can release your teasers and trailers. You can link it to your YouTube channel and other social media websites. You can create a blog and can also use it to sell your merchandise or hold contests and then give away movie tickets, passes to film festivals or other gifts to winners. The plan is to create a connection with your fans, peers, movie critics and observers. A great website is often seen as a measure of quality and a great website creates a great brand image too. A great website allows you to stay in the limelight not only when your film is doing festival circuits but also at other times. As a public figure, you will have to occupy the topmost chamber in your audience’s mind. How to create a great website?
  1. Your audience wants a face: Film-makers often make the mistake of just staying behind the lens. The belief that your work will do all the talking is outdated. A Facebook account or page alone won’t do. You will need to be the face of your website. Share videos and photos from your work or every day journey. Share photos even when you have gone out of town on a personal visit. Your fans want to know about you- the person. Your movie can’t define you completely. Even if you are fiercely private, you will have to share some aspects of your life with your audience.2 Image credits: Pixabay
  2. Add testimonials and comment sections: Your fans act as your brand advocate and their testimonials can go a long way in reinforcing your brand. Positive testimonials can also create a positive sentiment that touches the readers also. Comment sections give them a space to air their opinions and also get your direct reply. You too get feedback on your work or articles from people who matter.
  3. Create a great theme: A CMS theme or template that fortifies your brand image or the message of your films is important and since people can relate with them, you need to have them.
  4. Get the right domain name and host: A domain name also plays a role in defining you or your movies. Getting the right host is important because if the traffic is high, you want a host who can manage that. Use your website regularly and ensure that the domain name has not lapsed.
  5. SEO benefits: If you are not comfortable with it, hire an SEO professional and a web designer. Updating your website with user-friendly features and great content will help your website to get a high rank in search results. It will improve your visibility.
A great film-maker will always be known by his films. But to become a great film-maker, you not only need a good resume but also a forum to connect with your audience and create your brand. Your website will act as that forum.
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