The Best Tools for Independent Filmmakers

Image sourcePixabay   1. Camera The most basic equipment that you should have is the camera. HD and high-quality cameras do cost a lot, but you can invest in a good point-and-shoot camera or a low-budget DSLR and still achieve a decent quality output. Canon point-and-shoot cameras range between $200 and $600 and have a great recording capability. If you are going for a DSLR, choose the Canon Rebel T5i priced at about $650 or Nikon D90 for $850 that are suited to your budget. If all these sound pricey, you can always use a smartphone. 2. Microphone/Sound Recorder: Unless it’s a silent film or a narrative, you will need sound in your film. Some effects are also better expressed via sound. A camera will already have an inbuilt microphone, but may not produce sounds that create the right effect. The Zoom H1, priced at $100, is a handy recorder ideal for recording sounds and is easy to use. 3. Gliding equipment: To give your film a professional and high-budget look, you need to maintain a steady and smooth movement of the camera. Doing it by yourself is definitely economical but at the cost of quality. If you do not want to buy a new glider, scrounge a used one from sites like eBay for $200. Opt for a Glidecam HD2000 ($550) or a Konova Slider Dolly K2 100cm ($250). 4. Tripods: Shooting wide angles or at a desired height may cause the camera to shake if not mounted on a proper platform. Tripods and monopods from companies like Miller, Slik, and Manfrotto have a range of inexpensive tripods, ranging from $50 to $1000, that help you construct a better frame on film. Tripod 1 Image source – Pixabay 5. Lighting: Nature is not always a reliable source for lighting in films. Therefore, you may need to invest in a lighting kit to enhance scenes and visuals. Tungsten and LED lights produce even and soft lighting, but at $400 to $800, are a tad expensive. If you plan on using natural lights, buy a good 5-in-1 reflector, for as low as $20, which will give you the desired outcome. 6. Editing software: Your computer is already equipped with editors that are installed with the operating system. Windows users have “Movie Maker” and Apple users have “iMovie”. For a better cut and more polished finish, you can buy Adobe Premier Pro CC starting at $499 or Final Cut Pro X for $299.
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