Where Students Can Grow Their VFX, Animation, and Gaming Skills

If you are a VFX, animation or gaming student who is looking to grow your skills and find exciting creative projects to work on, you will be glad to hear that there are multiple online platforms designed to meet your needs. Among such platforms, Nerdeo stands out not just for its simplicity in design and use, but also because of how easy it makes for creatives in the VFX, animation, film, and gaming industries to connect and collaborate on projects. And if you need more testimony to just how trusted the platform is, you should know that it is already widely used by Escape Studios, one of the biggest names in the world of gaming. Moreover, Nerdeo is also used and loved by globally reputed VFX educational institutions, including Bournemouth University in the UK and Filmakademie in Germany. Check out this Fimmakedemie project on nerdeo below:

Laika & Nemo Project
Laika & Nemo Project

Why is Nerdeo ideal for students who wish to grow their skills? Apart from being a platform that is used by some of the biggest names in the VFX and gaming industry, including top educational institutions, Nerdeo has many features that make it the ideal tool for VFX, animation, and gaming students who wish to grow and improve their skills outside of school.

  • Makes collaboration and networking simple
Having real-world experience is crucial for a student in any field, even more so for those who are studying VFX, gaming, and animation. What you learn in class and how the industry works are not always the same, and to fully understand the workings of the industry, you need some amount of field experience. This is where Nerdeo comes in. With multiple projects to choose from, Nerdeo gives students the opportunity to work with other students or creative professionals in the industry. It connects you with other artists, enabling you to collaborate with them and work together on a project that you are truly passionate about. Collaborating has never been so easy. This ease of meeting other creatives makes networking simple, which could have a huge impact on your career. As we all know, having the right connections is always a huge driver of a successful career.

  • Unique diversity filter to find projects that truly matter to you
A very unique feature that Nerdeo has is the diversity filter, which allows you to search for projects using BAME, LGBTQA+ and Female filters. This is a truly smart and thoughtful effort from Nerdeo to create a platform that promotes and encourages diversity, inclusion, and representation. When a new project is created, Nerdeo allows it to be tagged as a project led by Female, BAME or LGBTA+, and a corresponding icon will appear along with the rest of the project information. This gives users a chance to collaborate with the right artists and work on projects that truly matter to them or may even touch on issues that they themselves face. Now that Artella has closed their indie site, Nerdeo is the simplest, most social way of collaborating on film and game projects for students and other creative professionals.
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How diversity filters work
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