Best VFX Element Sites – 2020 Update!

VFX design requires a lot of elements such as stock footage, which conveniences filmmaking with high quality visual VFX effects. It is not always efficient to spend your resources on filming these elements from scratch. You need them ready to reduce your time and cost investment and expedite your project delivery. If you are wondering where you can download these VFX elements from, you’ve come to the right place. We have curated a list of the choicest VFX elements websites for you below to enhance your VFX development and design projects.
ActionVFX Provides an Unparalleled Collection of VFX Elements
  ActionVFX makes available a wide variety of stock footage elements to use in your VFX projects. All the elements are offered in Log format to facilitate seamless compositing. You can opt to use the keyed or un-keyed version of these elements from the ActionVFX library, depending on the needs of your VFX shot. You can use the service to create Hollywood-standard VFX output right from the comfort of your home at no cost. Various stock VFX elements are offered for free under their Free Stock Footage Download category. You can also choose from paid VFX elements. ActionVFX also provides valuable VFX tips and tutorials to help shape you into the VFX artist you wish to be! To get a trade discounts of up to 50% click on any of  the affiliate links provided be nerdeo below:      
Download Royalty Free VFX Elements from FX Elements
FX Elements is yet another popular VFX elements website that categorizes its royalty-free stock visual footage elements in three categories – FX Packs, FX Clips and FX Collections. It updates its library of free VFX elements, clips, and video footage, called the “Free Zone”, monthly. FX Elements caters to all generic VFX elements needs, as well as, provides novel elements to boost your VFX project development.   Image Link from FX Elements
Use Production Crate for Enjoying Quality VFX Elements
Production Crate lets VFX artists and enthusiasts source thousands of high quality VFX and media elements royalty-free straight from the desk of professional experts. You can download the elements pre-keyed for easier integration into your VFX development project. All VFX elements are provided at extremely reasonable prices. Benefit from the in-depth tutorials extended by Production Crate on VFX use and design. The VFX and video elements web platform updates it stock of footage every week. Besides extending expert quality elements for enhancing your VFX design, Production Crate also offers a community experience for professionals engaged in the VFX and graphics/video production industry. With prices like $49 a year, it’s no wonder these guys are taking the industry by storm!  
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