Where to Find Women-Led Projects in Films and Games

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Are you looking for film and game projects that are led by women? If you are on the search for female talent in VFX, film, and gaming, you may find that it is a mostly male-dominated industry. However, recognizing the dire need for diversity, inclusion, and representation, many female-centric organizations have come up that allow you to search and find female talent and provide funding and showcase their works!

Below, we outline the organizations that can connect you with women-led projects in films and games. A prominent global network of membership chapters from various countries, WFT is non-profit that was established in 1997. For decades, it has worked towards the advancement of females who work in all areas of film, television, video, and all other screen-based media. WFT is dedicated to the development of the professions of women in these fields, while also celebrating their achievement. The UK and Ireland chapters of Women in Film and Television are very active and provide excellent resources and support for their members.  

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Women in Animation is an organization that is committed to the advancement of women who work in the field of animation. According to their website, Women in Animation has been working towards a world where women are represented equally in the “creation, production, and rewards of animation” ever since it was founded in 1995. How do they achieve this? The non-profit has been relentless fighting for equal representation of women in animation through their multiple programs including mentorship programs, the Animation Studio Anti-Harassment Pledge (ASAP), and the 50/50 by 2025 program, which aims to increase the percentage of creative roles in animation held by women to 50 percent by 2025. The number currently stands at 20 percent.

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Women in Games is a non-profit organization dedicated towards the development and upliftment of women who work in video, mobile, online games, and esports. The gaming industry is one that is predominantly male-led, and Women in Games wants to highlight the achievements of its members, while also providing resources and opportunities for advancing their careers. The organization regularly organizes events such as conferences and competitions, and they also actively share the latest news and updates relating to women in the gaming industry on their website. Women in Games also have ambassadors in countries all over the world from Australia to the US, the UK to Pakistan, Bolivia to Tunisia, and more. Nerdeo is a platform that is focused on connecting creatives in the fields of VFX, film, and gaming. You can easily find other artists as well as projects that you can work on, and what makes Nerdeo unique is that it makes it extremely easy to find female-led projects using its diversity filter. If you wish to work on women-led projects, you can do so by simply choosing the Female filter while searching for projects, and you will have a plethora of exciting projects that you can choose from.

  You can see exactly how they do it in this article about their diversity features:

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