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Nerdeo Launches BAME, LGBTQA+ & Women Filters For Projects

According to creative skillset surveys people of BAME heritage are the least present in the film and games industries, with figures as low as 7% employment. When it comes to women, LGBTQA+ and BAME led projects, the numbers are miniscule and nearly impossible to find. There isn’t a directory or database that allows you to find these easily. Our aim is to help showcase, grow and develop diversity led projects at scale with Nerdeo.  

We’ve launched our diversity filters so that projects in the film and games industry that are:

  • Looking to hire a diverse team
  • Are led by a diverse team
  • Or have a diversity theme

Can be easily found, allowing interested parties and allies to apply and work on these projects.


How do you use them? It’s simple.

  1. Create a project
  2. Choose a diversity filter and describe your project.
  3. Publish the project and immediately you’ll see a diversity icon on your project thumbnail.
  4. diversity in film and games
    How diversity filters work

  5. Artists can then search for your project using the diversity search filters and apply to work on them.
We connect artists to indie projects and get them finished.
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