Ensure Quality Lighting for a Low Budget Film

Image credits – Pixabay Film lighting can be an expensive affair. So if you are planning on a low budget film, then finding out ways to ensure quality lighting on a low budget can be of great help. Here are a few ways in which you can use easily available resources optimally.
  • Natural light is one of the best options when it comes to lighting a film, irrespective of budget. So before buying lighting, always check options of how you can use natural lights optimally.
  • Once you have decided on how you can use natural lights to your advantage, get your hands on a five-in-one diffuser/reflector to make the most of this light.
  • Work lamps make for inexpensive but effective lights. You can find some at the hardware store.
  • If you think your film might need a lighting kit, it is a better idea to hire one instead of buying one. This saves you money and gets the work done too.
  • Use LED lights instead of tungsten ones as they are safer and also run on battery.
Films generally use three-point lighting. Documentaries many a times use just one point lighting along with a reflector. You can check out ways in which you can make the most of one point lighting together with a diffuser/reflector. 2 Here’s a brief introduction of each of these lighting essentials. Image credits – Pixabay Reflectors Also known as diffuser, reflectors are generally used to enhance natural light. You can find an inexpensive 5-in-1 reflector easily. These can be folded and are easily portable too. These come with a diffuser that helps reduce light, and a set of gold, white and silver reflectors to adjust shadows; and finally a black side that is used to block out light and increase the shadow effect. LED panels These are largely used nowadays as they are way safer than light bulbs. They do not get as hot as bulbs and can run on batteries. You should however not look at LEDs without a diffuser as looking directly at them can cause damage to the eyes. Since you will need to match outdoor or natural lighting with your LED lighting, you can use tungsten-balanced LEDs to achieve the effect. Bi-color lights include both, so you can use these along with colored diffusers to adapt the panels to tungsten. You can go for inexpensive LED work lamps if you are making a black-and-white movie as it does not need any of the other lighting effects.
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