Why You Need to Brand Your Film

Image Source: Wikimedia.org One of the biggest mistakes that filmmakers can make is to think that if their film is good enough, people will come to see it. That might have worked a century ago, but, today, it’s a busy marketplace. There are far more entertainment options out there today and that means competition. So, how can your film stand out? Well, it all comes down to branding. Whether you like it or not, the average moviegoer out there associates himself or herself with a brand. We all have a brand that we choose to buy or use. People actually define who you are based on the brands you use and if you want your film to survive, you need to brand it. In fact, the film world already relies on branding. For instance, think “Arnold Schwarzenegger” and what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Action movies, right? Well, that’s an example of how branding can sell a film. If there’s an action movie out there that’s got “Arny” written all over it, people will come. How to Brand Your Film Apart from the kind of branding we just mentioned above, filmmakers also need to create new brands. It’s necessary to get creative with your branding ideas. However, there’s no need to start from scratch. Sometimes, you just need to modify an existing concept. For instance, Ryan Bellgardt leveraged the Frankenstein character to create his own version called “Army of Frankensteins”. He was able to do this because the copyright to Frankenstein’s character had expired, which allowed him the freedom to make the most of the character and cash in on the “Frankenstein” brand. Basic Aspects of Film Branding Branding a film is not too different from branding a product. For instance, just as you have product logos, you have movie titles. Think of “Star Wars” or “Ghostbusters”. A well-designed title can go a long way in making an impact. The same can be said for color schemes as well. In the case of “Ghostbusters”, the red and white combo has always been a staple and instantly recognizable. But, it’s just not about recognition. Sometimes logos or titles communicate more. Think of the hit indie production “Juno” – the title looks like a doodle on a school notebook. This does more than boost recognizability; it gives us a peek into what the movie could be about. We are barely scratching the surface here when it comes to film branding. But, hopefully, you’ve understood, at a very elementary level, why branding plays a key role in helping you market your film. 3 Image Source: Pexels.com
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