What are the Best Animation/ VFX Schools Out There?

Image credits: Pixabay There was a time when using VFX for a small budget movie was out of the equation. Many talented independent film makers/ scriptwriters/art directors could create movies the way they conceptualized them due to logistical limitations and lack of affordable visual effects (VFX) technology. However, times have changed and visual effects created using CGI have become accessible to independent film makers as innovation and new technological upgrades have made animation and composting software cheaper and much more easy to use. What is VFX? VFX or visual effects are a form of special effects which are used to create, alter or enhance imagery which could be computer generated moving shots or just a collage of still images. These are usually integrated with the live-action footage in the post production stage using a number of devices and software although the planning and coordination has to begin right from the pre-production stage. Use of VFX allows film makers to create certain situations in their movie which is otherwise expensive, dangerous or impossible to shoot in reality due to logistical constraints. Best VFX/ animation schools in the world
  1. California Institute of the Arts (CalArts): One of the best known animation and multimedia school in the world and based in California, U.S., you will need to have a dazzling, exceptionally brilliant CV or portfolio to get into this school. According to their website, this is one of the best schools for performing and visual arts and students here are taught to think beyond conventional boundaries! As a student, you can opt for a four-year bachelor’s program where you will be taught everything from documentary film making to character animation to graphic design to experimental animation and much more.2 Image credits: Pixabay
  2. Sheridan: One of the best animation schools, this prestigious institute is located in Ontario, Canada. They have a rigorous 4-years bachelor’s program on animation and this program teaches and emphasizes the strong and unique story telling skills that every animation production must have. It uses the same advanced software that are used by professional organizations and the students are introduced to the most advanced level of teaching and innovative technology in the field.
  3. ARTFX: ARTFX is a school of higher learning in the domain of animation and VFX. It has produced some of the best CG artists and animation artists in the world. It is located in Montpelier, France and was started by stalwarts from the industry. You will get hands-on training in its 3D studios and get a chance to learn advanced concepts on special effects and animation from some of the best minds in the world.
Getting into the top schools around the world is a dream for many budding cinematographers and VFX artists. However, you will need to exhibit a knack for the unconventional and conventional styles of storytelling and a basic understanding of some of the technologies that are used at a professional level. Try to have a diversified portfolio of work. Produce films, use special effects and use innovative designs. In short, you will have to differentiate yourself from other candidates to make it to the top VFX schools in the world.
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