The Top 10 Apps for Indie Filmmakers

Image credits – Pixabay Independent filmmakers nowadays have an entire arsenal of apps available in the market to help them with the filmmaking process. Taking advantage of these apps means saving valuable time, effort, and money.
  1. Shot Lister  A truly professional shot list and scheduling app, Shot Lister will let you sync your project file with other Shot Lister users. This will help to keep your entire crew up to date. The app will also let you import scripts, add Storyboards, and circle the best takes for each shot.
  2. Easy Release  Release forms play a huge role in independent filmmaking. If required, you will have to provide proof that all the actors in your film have signed a release form. The Easy Release app will help you with the release forms.
  3. Movie Slate  This app performs the function of a digital slate. It is very easy to use, just launch it, specify all the required information, and start shooting. You have the option to customize the tabs, snippets, colors, and so on.
  4. Cinema Forms  For even low-budget independent films, the paperwork can be a nightmare. Cinema Forms will make the documentation part easy for you. The app has legal forms, call sheets, and production worksheets. For those without an entire production team behind them, this app is a life saver.
  5. Adobe Premiere Clip  This app is free. It provides you with the basics of video editing. Importing the data is pretty easy since the app is connected to Adobe’s Creative Cloud. You also have the option to add a custom watermark. Uploading the footage that you shot with your phone onto the desktop is easy with this app.
  6. Scripts Pro  The app is designed for TV and film writing. It can export and import your scripts. It can also read all of your Celtx, Final Draft or similarly formatted text files. The app is fully integrated with iCloud. With Scripts Pro, you will be able to rearrange scenes and edit every aspect of your script. The app also features suggestion pop-ups.
  7. iMovie  iMovie features intuitive Multi-Touch gestures and has a streamlined design. The app lets you browse your video library, make movies, share favorite moments, and watch films in iMovie Theater. 2 Image credits – Pixabay
  8. Celtx Shots  Storyboarding a scene to check out how the scene will come together before starting the shoot is a productive way in filmmaking. It will help you to check whether a scene will work visually or not, before shooting. With Celtx Shots, you will be able to save time and money.
  9. Room Scan  Very useful in pre-production, the app will help you to map the space and size of a location. The information will help you while building sets, considering camera setups, and so on.
  10. Cameras+Formats  The app has a long list of popular cameras. It also has information on recording codecs, native ISOs, sensor size, and lens mounts.
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  1. Why are these mostly Only-Iphone apps? There are a lot more Android users than Apple on the set using android tablets/phones and other devices.

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