PR Tips for Your Indie Film Launch

Image Source: Pixabay As far as the entertainment world is concerned, it is public perception that goes a long way in determining success. This applies to music, books, and of course, film. Just ask any studio and they’ll tell you. This is especially true for films that are intended to be “blockbusters”. After all, it is publicity that has people queuing up at the movies to buy tickets and stores to buy the DVDs. Its marketing that studies rely on to get viewers to consume the product. To put it simply, PR matters for a film. However, as an indie film maker, you can’t exactly compete with mainstream PR and marketing budgets. Let’s face it; you simply do not have the budget. However, the good news is that, today, you have the resources to organize your own PR campaign. You don’t need theatre dates or even a distribution deal. In fact, many indie filmmakers manage to obtain deals after the launch their campaign. Thanks to the technological tools available today, you can create all the publicity you need without spending like a big budget studio. Here’s how. Get Creative Start with a little creativity. For instance, you could talk about how you funded the film and the strategies you had to employ in order to do so. Or, you could focus completely on the subject matter of the film and what it is that you’re trying to communicate. The point is to come up with something unique and use that to pitch your film. Everything else is taken care of by the internet. There are plenty of platforms and tools that can help you amplify your message. For instance, a social media page for your film is one way to get things moving. Leverage These 3 Basic Tools Speaking of the internet, these are the 3 basic tools you need to have to get your PR campaign going.
  • A website that conveys the message of the film, without being too flashy or commercial-like. It must showcase both the film and the filmmaker’s skills.
  • As social media page that can promote and highlight your film. Pick and choose an appropriate platform. Update key bits of information immediately. For instance, if there has been any media coverage of your film, post links on your page right away.
  • A blog to help you connect with people who might be interested in your film. Use the blog to discuss everything that went into making the film. Offer useful tips for budding film makers if you’ve got any. Your narrative must draw people in.
2 Image Courtesy: Pixabay These are just the basics. There’s a lot more you can do to promote your film; from organizing private screenings to making submissions at film festivals. Keep an eye out for opportunities wherever and whenever possible.
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