Where to Find LGBTQA+ Film and Game Projects

  For creatives that are working in VFX, film, and gaming, it’s no secret that the industry still has a long way to go when it comes to inclusion and diversity. In fact, minority groups are so poorly represented in the industry that there is no directory where you can find minority-led projects easily. Considering that in the UK alone, there are more than 400,000 creatives – both freelancers and students – who belong to a minority group such as women, BAME, and LGBTGA+, it is clear that there is a need to connect these artists and give them a platform where they not only showcase their works, but also collaborate with each other. Besides wanting to work on projects that they lead, people belonging to such minority groups would want to work on projects covering the societal, cultural, political, and economic issues that they face. How can you find film and game projects led by members of the LGBTGA+ community? Two of the best platforms available today for minorities in the VFX, film, and game industry are Access: VFX and Nerdeo. Read on to learn more about what they do and how they aim to revolutionize the industry.
Access: VFX and its fight for inclusion and diversity
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Access: VFX is a global non-profit that mainly operates across the UK, US, and Canada. Led by industry professionals including 40 leading companies in the VFX, animation and gaming industry, educational institutions, as well as industry bodies, its aim is to promote and encourage diversity, inclusion, awareness and opportunity within the industry.
There are more than 100 members of Access: VFX, many of them from competing companies, who have decided to put their competitive spirit and differences aside for the greater good. Together, these people have organized more than 50 events and have also worked with other organisations such as Into Film, We Are Stripes, and This Ability. Artists can get a mentor to help them navigate their career through Access: VFX, or they can enter the many competitions organized, which is an excellent way of receiving exposure. On top of this, the folks at Access: VFX regularly publishes plenty of informational online content in the form of podcasts and blogs.
Nerdeo makes it easy for LGBTQA+-led projects to be found
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How diversity filters work
Nerdeo is a platform that connects creatives in the VFX, film, and gaming industry, making it easier for them to find projects that they want to be involved in and collaborate with other artists that share their vision and passion. But what makes Nerdeo a unique platform is that it understands the diversity and inclusion issue that the industry faces, and has responded by adding a diversity filter. This filter allows projects to be tagged as LGBTQA+, BAME, or Female, making it easier for interested artists to find these projects. Although a simple diversity filter is not going to solve this industry-wide issue, it definitely is a step in the right direction. Now, finding LGBTQA+ film and game projects is a whole lot easier with Nerdeo.
Check out how the filter work here.
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