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Commercial Project Flow Tutorial

For the summary video version of this tutorial, click here: Posting a Commercial Project is easy and FREE (while we’re in BETA)! We have built this with privacy and reliability in mind. Commercial projects do not get posted to the community but instead are sent straight to our senior team who will get in touch with you about your requirements before putting a team together. Once all the details have been discussed, an alert goes out to the artists both on our books and our community. After vetting the artists and making sure they’re commited to your timeline, we’ll put the best ones forward and you get a final pick. Full details below. Both Indie and Commercial Projects are currently in BETA and we appreciate any feedback you have about our system and team on

Posting a Commercial Project

Option 01 – Full Budget
Chose this option if you have a project budget but need us to manage all the post production for you; from hiring the artists and managing them, to contracts.
  1. Click on “Post a Project” either on your project dashboard
  2. Name your project. Remember this cannot be changed after you’ve published this project!
  3. Choose a “Type”: Game or Film / TV
  4. Under “Payment” chose “Commercial”. This is free to post and indicates to everyone else that this is a commercial project, paying commercial industry rates.
  5. “Diversity filters” are optional. We first built this to show projects that are being led by a diverse team but these filters can also be used to search for a diverse team.
  6. “Keywords” are essential for people to find your project. We suggest you use keywords associated to the roles you would like filled.
  7. “Location” is important so applicants know where the project is based and the project currency will be based on the location. Location also allows the applicants to see what time difference to expect, specially if working remotely.
  8. “Details” is where you will write all the necessary project details including breif, deliverables, artist requirements and any available links.
  9. “My Social” putting a link to your website is mandatory. This is will give us some background on you and your company.
  10. “Budget” insert the full project budget, estimated start date and end date for the project.
  11. Press “SEND TO NERDEO” and our team will be in touch.
Option 02 – List Budget By Role
Chose this option if you either:
  • Already worked with us before and know the artist requirements.
  • Have a background knowledge of post production and already know which team members you need and how many of them.
  1. Fill out all the basic details as described above in the Option 01 up to step 9. 
  2. Then switch the toggle “List Budget by role”. The available roles section will appear.
  3. “Select the role” from our artist list. You will see the budget start auto-populating with our rate card. By default this is set to a day rate but can be changed. IF we do not have the role on our list, you can input it manually by typing it in. It just means we dont ave a rate card for them yet.
  4. “Role Budget” will either autopopulate with our rate card or you can insert your budget for this role.
  5. “Kit / Required” – Does that artist need their own kit e.g: software licenses, workstation, camera, etc.
  6. “Dates” – estimated start and end dates for the project. These can be edited throughout the duration of the project, should it overrun. Once dates have been selected the role budget will be estimated on man days.
  7. Include some details about the role and the experience level required. Click “SAVE”.
  8. To add a new role, click on “ADD A NEW ROLE” and repeat the process.
  9. When you’re ready, save the whole project by clicking “SAVE” at the bottom of the page and the click “SEND TO NERDEO” for our team to pick up your project and get in touch with you ASAP about your requirements.

Project Dashboard & Messaging

Active Projects shows all projects you are involved in and is split into 3 categories:
  1.  My Projects – Projects you own and have created yourself.
  2.  My Collaborations – Projects you are collaborating on as an artist.
  3.  Applied Roles – Projects you have applied to work on.

New Project Dashboard

  1.  Click on the message icon to access your new project dashboard and messaging for that project.
  2. Edit – allows you to edit the project details.
  3. Takes you to the public view of the project page.
Each project is now centralized and has it’s own mini dashboard where you can access project related messages, manage your collaborators, group messaging and billing. Project Messages  – Messages are filtered by project. Any message related to a specific project can be found through the projects dashboard under the messages tab. Here you will be able to find:
  1. Nerdeo Messages – The team will contact you to let you know how the vetting process is going. Once the artists can been vetted, you will get a notification via email and the artists will show up in your Artist Dashboard.
  2. Team Messages once the artists have been vetted, put forward and accepted into the project.
  3. Payment Messages  – any payment request messages related to this project can be found here.
Artist –  Once you’ve published your project, our team will be notified and will get onto vetting all the applications for your project immediately. Once we’ve put artists forward for your project, they will show up on your “Artist” tab. You can then accept onto the project or decline them.
Project Chat – We now have a group chat! All users that have been accepted into this project can now communicate together under project chat. Payment System For details on our payment system click here.
We connect artists to indie projects and get them finished.
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