Completing A Collaboration Project

Completing A Collaboration Project

  To complete a collaboration project you can do it in two ways, as either the project owner or artist. To complete the project as the owner:
  1. Go to Accounts under your general dashboard or Billing under the Project Dashboard.
  2. Under accounts you will see your project name under either All or Payouts. In the Action column, you can request that the artist close the role if it has been completed. Usually, the artist should request closure first. However, if the haven’t you can nudge them by requesting them to close the role.
  3. Click “Request Role Closure”. The artist will be notified that the role needs closing on their end.
  4. The artist will then ask you for final approval. You must log back in to your accounts or refresh the page and the click “Aprove Now”. This will permannently close the role.
  5. Once ALL roles for the project are closed, you can complete your project! Go to the Project in Edit mode, by clicking the “Edit” button under it’s thumbnail on the project dashboard:
  6. Scroll to the bottom of your project page in Edit mode and you’ll find the “Complete” button there. If all your roles have been closed, then the project can be completed, if not, you will have to request and aprove all role closures before completing you project.
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