Invoicing And Invoice Editing

Editing your own invoice (Artist / Freelancer):

1. Go to your settings page and link your PayPal account to the “Payment Details” section email there.
2. Got your accounts page and press “send invoice” for your project:
Inline images 2
3. In the pop-up “create and send invoice”, edit the “Total amount” section you can see in red in the image below:
Inline images 3
4. Press SEND.

Edit invoice sent to you (project owner):

1.  Go to your accounts page.
2. Open the invoice and EDIT it to a value you have finally agreed with the collaborator on your project. You can do this by:
a. Pressing here:
Inline images 1
b. When the pop-up comes up with the invoice, press EDIT at the bottom right hand corner:
c. Change the value to “0” and write to him this message under “additional comments”:
Inline images 5
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