Best Visual Effects Filled Music Videos of All Time

Image Source: We all remember the time when we were glued to our televisions waiting to watch our favorite music videos. People who can make exceptional music videos are highly sought after in the world of music. Here are the 5 best visual effects filled music videos of all time.
  • Herbie Hancock – Rockit Did you know that the directors of the music video for Rockit by Herbie Hancock were the first people to win the Video Music Awards (VMA) for special effects? Creme and Godley are the famous duo behind this captivating and unsettling video. The robots that you see in the video were designed by Jim Whiting, a British artist who won the VMA for Best Art Direction. This video was the first of its kind that was synced to the scratching of the turntables, which means that the video went back and forth to keep up with the rhythms of scratching.
  • Coldplay – Up & Up It would seem like Coldplay has mastered it all, the music they produce tends to top the charts and their videos are on another level. This video was co-directed by Gal Muggia and Vania Heymann is put together so well that you tend to lose your sense of reality. The video is visually appealing and the animations are subtle enough to make it seem like the surreal world is actually real.
  • The Chemical Brothers – Wide Open ft. Beck One look at the music video of Wide Open ft. Beck by The Chemical Brothers will leave you speechless. The video was directed by Chemical Brothers long time collaborators Dom & Nic. In the music video, the body of the dancer is slowly replaced by a see-through 3D mesh-like substance. It’s an absolute masterpiece and the animation is spectacular. 2 Image Source:
  • Jamiroquai – Virtual Insanity Is the floor moving in the video? Not at all, in fact, it’s the walls that are moving in this mind-blowing video. Director Jonathan Glazer and founder of Smoke & Mirrors Sean Broughton came up different ways to use this extraordinarily innovative idea. The music video won awards for Breakthrough and Cinematography, Special Effects, and Video of the Year.
  • Lorn – Anvil The music video was made by Geriko. The animations in the video are absolutely breathtaking. The video has been inspired by Belgian and Japanese comics and is set in the creepy and monochromatic futuristic world which is related to connectivity and social networks.
There are no words in the world which can come close to describing how astonishing and stunning these videos are.
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