Weirdest Viral Videos Out There

Image source: The internet is an incredible place to discover videos that can absolutely blow your mind. There are thousands of clips available online that make the viewer’s burst out in uncontrollable laughter, or be in complete awe or even make people cry. What about videos that are weird but have somehow managed to become viral? Here are 5 weirdest viral videos that you can find online.
  • Judge Morty: State of Georgia Vs. Rick Allen When you first watch this video, it seems to be like a clip from the regular Rick and Morty show. But that isn’t the reason why this video went viral. Believe it or not, the video is a visual representation of a transcript of an actual court case. The video was made by the fans and uploaded by tiarawhy on YouTube.
  • Taking a Bath in a Giant 1,500 Gallon Coca-Cola Swimming Pool! For a kid, a swimming pool filled with Coca-Cola is a dream come true. Uploaded by TechRax, the video is about a bunch of guys who filled a swimming pool with 1,500 gallons of Coca-Cola. They don’t stop there. They dump large amounts of Mentos into the swimming pool to see what will happen and they add about 200 pounds of ice to cool the Coca-Cola swimming pool.
  • Stupid Human Gum Trick On Letterman This video went viral because of a gum trick done a girl named Annabella Almeida. She came on the David Letterman show to showcase her unbelievable yet weird talent. She can spit out chewing gum and suck it back in almost immediately. It might not sound like a great trick till you watch the video. The uploader R Schloss must be extremely happy that he managed to record this video that went viral.
  • PIKOTARO – PPAP (Pen Pineapple Apple Pen) No list of weird viral videos will be complete without mentioning this extremely weird music video for a song that went viral. In the first place, the song doesn’t make sense, on top of that even the video is as random as you can possibly imagine. The combination is extremely weird but it clicked and became a viral video. 2 Image Source:
  • Something Uploaded by cyriak, something is probably the weirdest video that ever went viral on the internet. The video is filled with weird images and sounds that can totally creep anyone out. We will never know how this crazy video went viral.
You probably won’t be watching any videos after you have gone through this bizarre list of weirdest viral videos.
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