Best Skin Treatment Plugins for Post-Production

  Skin treatment is one of the important processes in post-production. It involves getting rid of blemishes, carrying out disappearing acts on skin imperfections, correcting the color, altering the tone to suit the background, and creating the ideal visual atmosphere. In fact, these tasks hold more significance when an indie film is involved. Independent filmmakers do not have the money to hire a team of make-up artists. So, it’s up to the post-production editor to play the role of a “digital makeup artist”. Another reason why skin treatment is important is because it can be very helpful for flashback scenes. If the scene requires the characters to look like their younger versions, the editor will be tasked with eliminating visible signs of aging such as lines and wrinkles. So, how does the post-production ensure that he/she does a good job? Well, apart from the editor’s own skills, using the right skin treatment plugins helps. With the right skin treatment plugins, things are so much easier. For instance, it becomes much easier to adjust tonality or skin condition without compromising on texture. 1 Image Credits: Pixabay If you’re a post-production editor looking to do some top notch skin treatment, here are some of the best plugins you can work with. Beauty Box from Digital Anarchy This plugin from Digital Anarchy is automated, and easy to use. It can identify skin tone by itself and produce a mask that isolates the smoothing to skin areas only. All you have to do is set the smoothing options you want. The plugin does everything else. It uses high-end smoothing algorithms and skin detection technology to get the job done. Even HD and 4K videos can be worked on using Beauty Box. The end results are quite realistic. OpenGL and CUDA allow the rendering to occur at real-time speeds. Tiffen DFX V4 This is for editors who love to play with natural light, textures, and photographic effects. The plugin offers around 131 filters, along with 8, 16, and 32-bit image processing features. Plus, there are tons of masking tools too. However, the learning curve is quite significant, making it most suitable for professionals. Alien Skin Exposure software This is one of the fastest skin treatment plugins in the market. You get to choose from an extensive range of top notch filters and enjoy high levels of customization. The best part about this plugin is that it gives complete control to the user.
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