Best Indie Games Of All Time

Image credits – Pixabay An indie game is best defined as a video game which is created by individuals or small companies sans financial aid from a major investor. It includes working with a fettered budget and relying on digital distribution. Having to work with limited resources not only allows for higher individual involvement but also results in higher creativity. Developers face no restrictions with respect to experimentation and innovation. Many substitute high-end graphics with an enthralling gameplay. Below is a list of the best indie games ever created.  
  1. Minecraft: Minecraft is a sandbox-type indie game. It was released and developed by Mojang. It is a 3D game that does not have any specific tasks or objectives to be completed, but achievements are still present. Most of the gameplay involves using blocks for construction while controlling a player with utmost freedom in an infinite virtual-gaming world. Minecraft is situated in the number two spot for best-selling video games today.2 Image credits – Pixabay
  2. Cave Story: Here is a true indie game, originally created by just one developer named Daisuke Amaya. It is a platformer that features 2D single-player gameplay involving simple and yet precise shooting, various ammunition, puzzles, and an interesting plot. It was first released in December, 2004. The game depicts a character situated in a cave, with no memory of how he got there. Through his interaction with the other characters of this world, mainly the Doctor, Balrog and Misery, the protagonist unfolds a captivating storyline.
  3. Braid: Developed by Number None Inc in 2008, this game features platform and puzzle gameplay. Players progress by assembling and solving puzzles in six different worlds using the ability to manipulate time. The goal is to rescue a princess from an evil monster. The story is of allegoric nature featuring a man named Tim. Having won several awards including ‘Best Innovation’ at the Xbox Live Arcade awards of 2008, this is the kind of game that one does not easily forget.
  4. Super Meat Boy: As platformers go, this is an all-time great. The game was developed and released by Team Meat in late 2010. It is a challenging single-player game requiring the player to manoeuvre a red cuboid character (Meat Boy) through three hundred levels filled with traps and such. This game demands acute control and timing and has been awarded for being the ‘Most Challenging Game Ever’ in 2010 by IGN amongst other accolades.
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