Scope of Indie Films Today

Image credits – Pixabay Indie films and movies in general find an enormous platform for getting viewed today. During the last decade and a half, films have been finding more new ways of being broadcasted than ever before. The rise of social media and numerous streaming sites have boosted the market considerably, which was earlier restricted to cinemas and TV. It implies that there is a greater opportunity for indies to make their films known. The independent-movie industry has been on a rather steep rise since the ‘90s. Successful indie films Many indie films have found great success even in the box-office, examples of which include ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’, ‘The Terminator’ and many others. In fact, of late, indie movies have been overtaking studio films in terms of awards for the best pictures. There are many reasons for this and one I would like to highlight is that major studios and entertainment companies are absolutely profit-oriented. What this means is that they do not generally fund projects which may have a low yield on their investment and miss out on many spectacular movies. Today’s film-market pretty much consists of indie movies and major-studio films for regular people. The midrange-budget movies are becoming scarce. Studios are more willing to undertake higher risk on box-office movies because their potential earnings are much higher than those of mid-budget films. Studios are known to even hire filmmakers of indie movies to produce their blockbusters. Entertainment companies and indie films 2 Image credits – Pixabay Even the major entertainment companies have now established subsidiaries for independent movies. Independent films do however tend to encounter funding issues and are at times met with reluctance. Today though, by virtue of a wide range of relatively inexpensive yet high-end film equipment available to consumers, filmmakers no longer depend on big studios. There is also an abundance of editing software in the market with commendable potential to achieve good results. The volume of aspiring filmmakers is ever-increasing since independent movies are perpetually gaining prominence and are becoming easier to create than ever before. People who do not formally work in the movie industry today have the opportunity to get in contact with independent film agencies and showcase their scripts to them. There is also a substantial number of film festivals for indie movies that often result in the indie-films getting picked up by large studios, such as ‘Sundance Film Festival’, ‘Mumbai Fil Festival’, et cetera. In other words, there are limitless possibilities and a grand scope for indie films today.
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One thought on “Scope of Indie Films Today

  1. This is a very poorly written piece that is neither news, editorial or a personal piece that gives any kind of intriguing perspective on today’s independent filmmaking scene.

    I think what Nerdeo is attempting to build is fantastic, but filling professional social media platforms with rushed Ill-considered content is damaging. Post production and visual FX (where I reside and Nerdeo’s founders come from) is a highly complex business – technically, politically and financially. And so there is a rich space for discussing and exposing this now massively pervasive area in today’s filmmaking scene.

    Tools are easy. Relationships are not. Culture is the hardest. Don’t be professional platform builders but poor journalists. Show that you know and care and are passionate about the tools you’re building, because you can discuss and explore what it takes to navigate and succeed in a challenging creative environment.

    Care about the words, not just the pictures.

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